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Fat Mans Misery (Zion National Park) - Hike Hall of Fame

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Fat Mans Misery (Zion National Park) - Latest Pictures (11/4/2012)

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Fat Mans Misery (Zion National Park) - Hiking Trail Directions and Notes (Posted By: Mike)

Avg Rating: Not Available
Avg Time: 12 Hours 40 Minutes
Total Distance: 8.0 miles
Terrain: Insane
Info: A fun but long hike that takes hikers through hard to find slot canyons and eventually dumps them into the Virgin river. Rappelling gear will be needed.

No permits required for Zions Backcounty.
Topo and more information: [View Link]

12 Waypoints

1: Park Here
N 37º 13.8279   W 112º 52.7250
Distance from Home: 941.4 miles

2: Start here
N 37º 13.6152   W 112º 53.0040
Distance: 0.4 miles

3: Hike up mountain to here
N 37º 12.7145   W 112º 53.0069
Distance: 1.0 miles

Notes: Climb up the valley and over the ridge to start. Very uphill!

4: Hike around Checkerboard Mesa
N 37º 12.3597   W 112º 52.7855
Distance: 0.5 miles

5: Hike to this location next
N 37º 12.3700   W 112º 51.8096
Distance: 0.9 miles

Notes: Look for the large holes carved in the ravine by water.

6: Holes
N 37º 12.1460   W 112º 51.8041
Distance: 0.3 miles

Notes: Here are the holes carved by water. Look for tadpoles if water is present.

7: Entrance to Fat Mans Misery
N 37º 11.7688   W 112º 51.6801
Distance: 0.4 miles

Notes: Here starts the real fun!

8: River
N 37º 10.9978   W 112º 51.6242
Distance: 0.9 miles

Notes: The slot canyon will naturally dump you off somewhere near here. Follow the river downward. Don't go up stream.

9: Only way out
N 37º 10.8767   W 112º 51.7478
Distance: 0.2 miles

Notes: Keep an eye out for a trail leading out the steep canyon. This is the only way out. It's hard to miss. Look for the Powell Memorial Plaque.

10: Stay to the Left
N 37º 11.7916   W 112º 52.2344
Distance: 1.1 miles

Notes: Stay to the left of the original trail, you don't want to merge back in with the original canyon.

11: Long hike out
N 37º 12.7145   W 112º 53.0069
Distance: 1.3 miles

Notes: Follow the trail until you get back to the top of the narrow valley you first ascended. This is a long hike so make sure you have tons of water!

12: Back to the Road
N 37º 13.6152   W 112º 53.0040
Distance: 1.0 miles