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Adventure Climb (Mile 9 Cedar City, Utah) - Hike Hall of Fame

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Adventure Climb (Mile 9 Cedar City, Utah) - Latest Pictures (2/10/2010)

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Adventure Climb (Mile 9 Cedar City, Utah) - Hiking Trail Directions and Notes (Posted By: DirtyGerty)

Avg Rating: Not Available
Avg Time: 1 Hour 28 Minutes
Total Distance: 0.1 miles
Terrain: Average (Might Break a Sweat)
Info: You may need an extra change of pants for this one...if you're afraid of heights that is. This climb overlooks the passersby at about 100 feet up from the road, which is a little nerve wracking! However, the climb itself is quite the workout, not only are you clinging for dear life, but you have no real definite hand holds toward the peak. So, basically i plastered myself against the face of the rock, spread eagle style and pushed myself the rest of the way by sure will!! haha I really enjoyed it, my boyfriend really likes to put me to the test, i think he may be trying to kill me by "accident." haha This climb is an overall thrill. I took my 9 year old cousin along with me and she made it just a little over half way, which is to the hardest part of the climb where the hand and foot holds are non-existent. I was quite proud of her. I would definitely climb this one again!!

2 Waypoints

1: Mile Marker 9
N 37º 38.5167   W 112º 57.3511
Distance from Home: 942.9 miles

Notes: Small parking lot on the north side of the road near Mile Marker 9

2: Climb Start
N 37º 38.6118   W 112º 57.4229
Distance: 0.1 miles

Notes: short but steep climb up to the start of the hike. Follow the trail from the parking lot, take the right where the trail splits by the fireplace.