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Subway (Zions National Park) - Hike Hall of Fame

Derek Holmes
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Subway (Zions National Park) - Latest Pictures (9/4/2014)

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Subway (Zions National Park) - Hiking Trail Directions and Notes (Posted By: DerekHolmes)

Avg Rating:
Avg Time: 10 Hours 10 Minutes
Total Distance: 8.1 miles
Terrain: Insane
Info: Can be done without rappelling but I would recommend bringing the gear in case. At the very minimum bring a static rappelling rope about 100' long.

9 Waypoints

1: Start Trail
N 37º 20.4490   W 113º 4.5539
Distance from Home: 951.4 miles

Notes: Hike is really easy to find with these maps. Turn on kolob road. Park a shuttle car and continue to this fork.

2: Junction
N 37º 20.3994   W 113º 3.5507
Distance: 0.9 miles

Notes: There are a couple of forks on the trail at first. The first fork hand a right, then after that its more obvious.

3: Trail Russel Gulch
N 37º 20.2877   W 113º 2.5941
Distance: 0.9 miles

4: Cross
N 37º 19.8492   W 113º 2.6792
Distance: 0.5 miles

5: Slickrock Saddle
N 37º 19.6445   W 113º 3.4502
Distance: 0.7 miles

6: Entry Left Fork
N 37º 19.1274   W 113º 2.4163
Distance: 1.1 miles

Notes: The trail seems to go to the left and we went down some very ugly terrain. Avoid this and look for the easier entry to the right.

7: Dinosaur Tracks
N 37º 17.9860   W 113º 4.2070
Distance: 2.1 miles

Notes: No GPS for a long time. It opens up a bit and you can get a signal to find these. It really looks like dinosaur tracks.

8: Exit Fork
N 37º 17.3780   W 113º 5.0840
Distance: 1.1 miles

Notes: Steep ascent back up to the car.

9: End of Hike Get Car
N 37º 17.0802   W 113º 5.7600
Distance: 0.7 miles

Notes: Meet up with your parked car. Make sure to bring 2 drivers and park a car here on your way to the start of the hike.