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Sticky Revelations (Prophecy Wall St George UT) - Hike Hall of Fame

Derek Holmes
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Sticky Revelations (Prophecy Wall St George UT) - Latest Pictures (10/29/2005)

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Sticky Revelations (Prophecy Wall St George UT) - Hiking Trail Directions and Notes (Posted By: DerekHolmes)

Avg Rating:
Avg Time: 2 Hours 9 Minutes
Total Distance: 0.0 miles
Terrain: Insane
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Info: Great multiple pitch climb. Intermediate climbers can do it, and has a huge shelf so that 3 maybe even 4 climbers can do the climb at the same time.

2 Waypoints

1: Ground Zero
N 37º 17.6463   W 113º 41.5841
Distance from Home: 985.5 miles

2: 3 Pitches Later
N 37º 17.6554   W 113º 41.5665
Distance: 0.0 miles

Notes: I believe you can hike back down if you want to. Of course its much easier just to rappel.