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Mystery Canyon (Zions National Park) - Hike Hall of Fame

Derek Holmes
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Mystery Canyon (Zions National Park) - Latest Pictures (11/12/2013)

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Mystery Canyon (Zions National Park) - Hiking Trail Directions and Notes (Posted By: DerekHolmes)

Avg Rating:
Avg Time: 6 Hours 59 Minutes
Total Distance: 3.3 miles
Terrain: Insane
Info: Great canyoneering trail that exists with a rapel down the narrows waterfall.

Longest Rapel is 140 feet

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5 Waypoints

1: East Mesa Trailhead
N 37º 17.7880   W 112º 54.0780
Distance from Home: 942.2 miles

Notes: Start of the trail head. To get here turn at Zions Pondarosa. Keep going until you hit the dirt trail. Take a right when the road ends. Follow the trail strait until you see the trail head. Accessable by cars but you may have to park just a bit short of the trail head.

2: Mystery Trailhead
N 37º 17.3350   W 112º 55.7810
Distance: 1.6 miles

Notes: Small Trail to the right. Make sure you have a gps or are well aware of the topo. If you hit the wrong canyon your in for a LONG day. Trust me I did it.

3: Left Hook
N 37º 18.2050   W 112º 55.9732
Distance: 1.0 miles

Notes: NO GPS is available here or the rest of the trail. If you are in the right canyon you can't get lost.

4: 130 Foot Repel
N 37º 17.9817   W 112º 56.5307
Distance: 0.6 miles

Notes: Longest Repel.

5: Waterfall Repel
N 37º 17.9469   W 112º 56.6182
Distance: 0.1 miles

Notes: Put on a good show for the narrows hikers, try not to fall! The repel is very slick.