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Ibantik Lake Loop (Uintas) - Hike Hall of Fame

Derek Holmes
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Ibantik Lake Loop (Uintas) - Latest Pictures (7/26/2014)

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Ibantik Lake Loop (Uintas) - Hiking Trail Directions and Notes (Posted By: DerekHolmes)

Avg Rating: Not Available
Avg Time: Not Available
Total Distance: 6.7 miles
Terrain: Hard (Good Workout)
Info: Great one long day... or preferably overnight hike in the Uintas.

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8 Waypoints

1: Start at Bald Mountain
N 40º 41.3487   W 110º 54.2347
Distance from Home: 842.4 miles

Notes: Bald Mountain has a slightly higher elevation, plus its nice to get the harder hike over with the first day.

2: Keep left on trail
N 40º 41.8487   W 110º 55.5105
Distance: 1.3 miles

3: Bench Lake
N 40º 42.7585   W 110º 56.1226
Distance: 1.2 miles

4: Cut Back Towards Meadow Lake
N 40º 43.4586   W 110º 56.1444
Distance: 0.8 miles

5: Ibantik Lake
N 40º 42.9250   W 110º 56.9981
Distance: 1.0 miles

Notes: The trail goes within 20 feet of this lake. GPS works throughout this hike.

6: The Saddle
N 40º 42.4304   W 110º 57.5242
Distance: 0.7 miles

7: Wall Lake
N 40º 41.6625   W 110º 57.6381
Distance: 0.9 miles

8: Crystal Lake Parking Lot
N 40º 40.9187   W 110º 57.7601
Distance: 0.9 miles

Notes: Hopefully you shuttled a car here. Its only about a 10 minute drive back to bald mountain.