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Crystal Caves (Cedar City, UT) - Hike Hall of Fame

Derek Holmes
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Crystal Caves (Cedar City, UT) - Latest Pictures (7/11/2010)

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Crystal Caves (Cedar City, UT) - Hiking Trail Directions and Notes (Posted By: DerekHolmes)

Avg Rating:
Avg Time: 2 Hours 11 Minutes
Total Distance: 0.7 miles
Terrain: Hard (Good Workout)
Info: Really fun cave that is surprisingly close to a main park in cedar. Also surprisingly hard to get to.

6 Waypoints

1: 4 wheelers would be nice
N 37º 39.9968   W 113º 3.2327
Distance from Home: 948.1 miles

2: A lil uphill doesnt hurt too badly
N 37º 39.8992   W 113º 3.1827
Distance: 0.1 miles

3: First View and Cache
N 37º 39.9432   W 113º 2.9313
Distance: 0.2 miles
Cache: Large (Contains Items to swap)

Notes: Geocache Link: [View Link]

Great View!

4: End of Our Shortcut
N 37º 39.9702   W 113º 2.7327
Distance: 0.2 miles

Notes: If you stick to the road its much easier. The road winds around a lot but the alternative isn't pretty.

5: Bachelor Pad
N 37º 39.9892   W 113º 2.6380
Distance: 0.1 miles

Notes: There is a tiny abandoned building near the caves, I would have missed it if it wasn't pointed out!

6: Crystal Caves
N 37º 39.9458   W 113º 2.5880
Distance: 0.1 miles
Cache: Small (Log Book Only)

Notes: Bring a flash light! Caves aren't that deep, I'm guessing 400 feet in. I would love someone to explain what the crystals are!

Geocache Link: [View Link]