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Bell Canyon (Little Cottonwood, SLC UT) - Hike Hall of Fame

Derek Holmes
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Bell Canyon (Little Cottonwood, SLC UT) - Latest Pictures (3/28/2015)

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Bell Canyon (Little Cottonwood, SLC UT) - Hiking Trail Directions and Notes (Posted By: DerekHolmes)

Avg Rating: Not Available
Avg Time: 3 Hours 15 Minutes
Total Distance: 1.8 miles
Terrain: Average (Might Break a Sweat)
Info: This trail can be a little steep but has great views and is very easy to access. No dogs are allowed.

3 Waypoints

1: Start
N 40º 33.9253   W 111º 48.2245
Distance from Home: 887.6 miles

Notes: There are a couple of trails that lead up to the lake. Both start in residential communities.

2: The lake
N 40º 33.9093   W 111º 47.8633
Distance: 0.3 miles

Notes: Most people stop here, still has great views and a fun lake to fish in

3: Waterfall
N 40º 33.6694   W 111º 46.2315
Distance: 1.5 miles